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Steve Swaney Steve.Swaney at FSL.COM
Wed Jan 5 23:06:19 GMT 2005

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> On Wed, 5 Jan 2005, Andrews Carl 448 wrote:
> > I am searching the archives now, but searching for mail and queue on an
> > email server list .... lots of messages.
> >
> > Any one else have the problem where thousands ( 40,000 currently ) of
> > messages are in /var/spool/MailScanner/ ? Or any idea on what I
> can
> > do to push them through or troubleshoot?
> I have one running 4.36.4 that is up to 72,000 in right now. I
> don't know what happened, it has been keeping up the last week or so.  I
> did bump my 'max children' to 10 about a week ago and that helped it, but
> something has gone haywire today.  I just shutdown inbound sendmail while
> I look at it.
> This box is 2 ghz pentium, 1 gb RAM, 80 gb hard drive.

What happens when you:

        Stop MailScanner
        in MailScanner.conf set:
                Debug = yed
                Debug SpamAssassin = yes\
        restart MailScanner

This should process one batch of Messages with the log output redirected to
the screen.

Since both MailScanners went left about the same time I'd suspect a local
infrastructure problem like slow network or DNS problem.


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Fortress Systems Ltd.
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