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Brian Lewis test at NEXTMILL.NET
Wed Jan 5 21:56:43 GMT 2005

Try bumping your MAX CHILDREN to 10 from 5 in mailscanner.conf
then service MailScanner restart
Then ps -aux and cancel the PID that is for sendmail incoming so that no
new email can arrive
Now tail -f /var/log/maillog or wherever you have it and watch to see if
your system is scanning.  You might have been hit hard with an smtp DoS
attack of some sort, or your DNS server stopped working that you use
in /etc/resolv.conf
We had issues where we queried our upstream providers dns server so much
that they would BLOCK any queries from our scanners!  Nslookup wouldn't
work from the scanners!  So we setup a separate box running
dnscache/rbldnsd and point our mailscanner servers to use that dedicated
box for name resolution in /etc/resolv.conf

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