archive mails only as queue files?

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Mon Feb 28 18:36:28 GMT 2005

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Felix Schwarz wrote:

>Hi Roger,
>Roger Jochem wrote:
>>Create a user account and log the messages to that user acount. So the
>>messages would be all in the maildir format...
>-v please
>Do you mean I should redirect the message instead of storing them so
>the mailserver would deal with storing the mails?
>I can achieve this effect within my exim configuration but I like the
>idea doing it within MailScanner because it seems to be an elegant
>solution without any special cases I would have to deal within exim...
Read the comment immediately above the "Archive Mail" setting. Among
other things, it says this:

# Space-separated list of any combination of
# 1. email addresses to which mail should be forwarded,
# 2. directory names where you want mail to be stored,
# 3. file names (they must already exist!) to which mail will be appended
#    in "mbox" format suitable for most Unix mail systems.

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