Recipient logic when attachments are stripped

James Gray james at GRAYONLINE.ID.AU
Fri Feb 25 22:50:16 GMT 2005

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On Sat, 26 Feb 2005 09:34 am, Julian Field wrote:
> James Gray wrote:
> >Got a interesting one, that is probably a quick answer.  Yesterday we had
> > a message come in addressed "To:  <distribution-list>", "Cc:
> > <another-list>". Both lists are on the Exchange server which is protected
> > by the MS server in front of it.  Now the message had an attachment with
> > a double extension which was caught and quarantined (good).  However, the
> > list in the "Cc" didn't get the message (so I'm told).  Now this could be
> > people attempting to cover their a$$ but the fact they raised a trouble
> > ticket (which means they will be found out if they're telling porkies)
> > casts some doubt on that theory.
> >
> >So my question is; does MailScanner drop the Cc/Bcc list when a problem
> > with a message is detected, or does it honour the recipient list?
> MailScanner doesn't even look at the To: CC: and Bcc: headers, it uses
> the recipients in the envelope which will include all three.
> --
> Julian Field

Awesome.  This is what I always assumed, but when you have "C-level"
management swearing they didn't receive a message all because of my mail
filter, you tend to doubt yourself :P  I saw the mail log with MS just
forwarding it on sans offending attachment to sendmail which then delivered
it to the Exchange box, but manglement were still swearing.... you get the

Thanks for your super-quick response ... I'm really starting to feel guilty
about not buying the book yet :-/  Do you still have that wish list over at


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        If there is a way to delay in important decision, the good
bureaucracy, public or private, will find it.

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