Recipient logic when attachments are stripped

James Gray james at GRAYONLINE.ID.AU
Fri Feb 25 22:28:03 GMT 2005

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Got a interesting one, that is probably a quick answer.  Yesterday we had a
message come in addressed "To:  <distribution-list>", "Cc: <another-list>".
Both lists are on the Exchange server which is protected by the MS server in
front of it.  Now the message had an attachment with a double extension which
was caught and quarantined (good).  However, the list in the "Cc" didn't get
the message (so I'm told).  Now this could be people attempting to cover
their a$$ but the fact they raised a trouble ticket (which means they will be
found out if they're telling porkies) casts some doubt on that theory.

So my question is; does MailScanner drop the Cc/Bcc list when a problem with a
message is detected, or does it honour the recipient list?

I haven't been sent the attachment with all the message ID goodies, and I
couldn't be bothered chasing through 40,000+ messages in the maillog
considering I think this is a wild goose chase to start with.



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