Quick Sendmail access question (fwd)

Jameel Akari jakari at BLUEAVIAN.COM
Thu Feb 24 22:57:58 GMT 2005

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> Julian's idea below, but i am going to continue to do it our way mainly
> so i dont ahve to rely on Exchange to recieve mail. As i look after
> external mail and the Exchange guys look after exchange.

Here's from another person with the same mindset - at least if (when)
Exchange goes out to lunch, it'll queue on my servers.

> Its in the maq if you wanna have a look. I have modified it further to
> ensure that it if it get no info back from ldap query for whatever
> reason it wont over write your existing map with a blank one and it now
> emails all error messages.

I've downloaded this (getadsmtp.pl) and have got it running against our AD
servers (AD/Exchange 2003).  It seems to work as designed and gets all the
possible addresses I expect to see.

But I also get entries like:

1d9116 at example.com OK
_1d9116 at example.com OK
(lots of these...)

OfflineAddressBook-/o=MYDOMAIN/cn=addrlists/cn=oabs/cn=DefaultOf at example.com

SystemMailbox{24E423AC-A08C-45E8-A40A-7BC7F31278C3}@example.com OK

I'm guessing these may be from disabled users, or maybe other cruft in AD
I'm not familiar with.  I'll run it by my AD admins tomorrow, but I don't
expect them to know much better on these.   Might it be some encoding

Incidentally, I'm probably going to tweak the Perl script to produce
Sendmail access format as well, since we primarily use that.

Jameel Akari
Systems Engineer
BlueAvian LLC

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