My Problem with a New MailScanner Installation

Timothy Barhorst timb at VWG.COM
Thu Feb 24 16:40:20 GMT 2005

I’ve installed the latest Mailscanner (4.20-3 ), Sendmail (8.13.3)
 and SpamAssassin (3.0.2)  on a new Fedora system ( kernel

I’m also using clamav-0.83.


I’ve noticed two problems.


First one is that when I use Spam Checks = yes,  then no mail gets
delivered – it just repeats the following over and over in the log.

If I set Spam Checks = no, then mail gets delivered – including


Feb 24 11:16:38 bilbo MailScanner[7679]: Using locktype = flock

Feb 24 11:16:38 bilbo MailScanner[7679]: New Batch: Scanning 9 messages,
87563 bytes

Feb 24 11:16:47 bilbo MailScanner[7681]: MailScanner E-Mail Virus Scanner
version 4.20-3 starting...

Feb 24 11:16:48 bilbo MailScanner[7681]: Using locktype = flock


The other problem is that my clamav doesn;’t seem to update
properly. I get the following in the logs.


Feb 23 23:01:01 bilbo update.virus.scanners: Found clamav installed

Feb 23 23:01:01 bilbo update.virus.scanners: Updating clamav

Feb 23 23:01:01 bilbo ClamAV-autoupdate[3684]: ClamAV updater failed


I’ve installed several MailScanner installations before but these
have me stumped. All suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Tim B.

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