MS encoding email bodies?

Thu Feb 24 11:45:33 GMT 2005


I hope someone can help me here - I upgraded at the weekend to MS v4.38.10-1
from v4.32.5 or thereabouts. I also upgraded ClamAV and SA.

I host a phpBB forum which sends out user confirmation emails to newly
registered members. The body of these emails used to say something along the
lines of "welcome to the forum - click here to activate your membership...."
with a link comprising URL+7-bit_code. These are now coming through with the
whole body [mime?-]encoded and illegible.

Now, I cannot for the life of me work out where in MailScanner.conf I turn
off this encoding - if indeed this is where I do it.

I know it is not the forum doing it, I can temporarily route outgoing emails
through another mail server [still running MS 4.32.5] and they come through

Your advice would be welcome.


Lee Stone

MS 4.38.10
SuSE linux 9.0
SA 2.64-4
Perl 5.8.1 [was updated but hit memory-race issue so downgraded again]
Mail::SpamAssassin 3.000002
Mail::ClamAV 0.13

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