4.39.3-1 bug or is it me?

Quentin Campbell Q.G.Campbell at NEWCASTLE.AC.UK
Thu Feb 24 10:28:54 GMT 2005


In the case of spam the usual action is taken, namely to deliver the
tagged message as an attachment. That is happening OK and for this to
work the ~reports/en/inline.spam.warning.txt file must be readable. It
clearly is. 

However it appears that after the message is delivered I get a
"MailScanner child dying of old age" message logged.

The problem with the "Cannot open message file , No such file or
directory" error is only apparent when a virus is detected. It seems
that MS goes as far as sending the virus notification to the "Notices To
=" address but then the failure occurs. 

Looking at MessageBatch.pm it is as if there is a failure return from
the attempt to post the notice but the failure message cannot be logged
and execution fails at that point.

Looking at the code excerpt from MessageBatch.pm below I note that I am
not seeing in the logs the "Could not notify postmaster from ..." text
that I should get if the attempt to post fails and returns an error
number in $!. 

Nor am I seeing the "Notices: Warned about <number> messages ...". I
would expect to see immediately after the posting of the notice.

The behaviours in the case of both spam delivery and when a virus notice
is delivered to the "Notices To =" address suggests that MS is getting a
failure from an attempt to post a message and the code that handles that
posting is not returning to the caller. 

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