High Spec Machines

Michael St. Laurent mikes at HARTWELLCORP.COM
Thu Feb 24 00:36:06 GMT 2005

Due to the nature of the P4 processor each one appears to be a dual-CPU.  If
you crack the hood on that system you should find that there are only two
chips present, not four.

Peter Russell <> wrote:
> Our esteemed colleagues have donated their windows/CS SCM machine to
> us for conversion to a mailscanner device. But duriung RHEL 4 install
> we notice something funny going on - it was that what they had
> donated as a dual 2.8ghz/4GB Ram mail gateway is actualy a quad
> cpu/4gb RAM mail gateway. (not sure how this info escaped the
> previous owners)
> Anyway, now we have this incredible machine to handle inbound mail for
> 40k email per week, I wonder what type of configuration option i can
>   try to ensure i the have absolute max anti spam/av capability?
> 3 AV scanners seems like the first option - what else could i o for?

Michael St. Laurent
Hartwell Corporation

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