4.39.3-1 bug or is it me?

Quentin Campbell Q.G.Campbell at NEWCASTLE.AC.UK
Wed Feb 23 15:23:56 GMT 2005

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>Can you compare the configs. It is apparently failing to get 
>the message filenames altogether. No-one else has seen this problem :-(


I have carefully checked lists of files from ~reports/en and ~/rules
against the pre-4.39.3-1 lists of files from those same sub-directories.
They are all accounted for and have the same names - this was checked
with "diff" run against sorted lists of files.   

I have also used "diff" to compare the 4.39.3-1 MailScanner.conf file
against the previous version (4.38.9-1). They are the same except for
the additional lines you have added since 4.38.9-1 and the different
Version Number.


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