new mailscanner server and high scores.

David Curtis DCurtis at SBSCHOOLS.NET
Mon Feb 21 21:43:25 GMT 2005

Maybe a stupid newbe question. I just rebuilt my Fedora Core 3 server
from groundup. I have Pyzor, Razor and DCC installed and spamassassin
3.0.2 with MailScanner 4.38.10-1 running with postfix. Every thing looks
great in the log so far except the scores I am getting. Just a simple
telnet session to the new server open a smtp communication (ehlo) then
state who I am (mail from:) then who I am sending to (rcpt to:) then
data with just the work test. I recreate the above with subject: and
they get very high scores.

The score has gone down but I still don't understand why it is getting
scored so high and why is the score changing.

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