Why do I keep getting .spamassassin/ .pyzor/ .razor/ in my /

Devin Reade gdr at GNO.ORG
Mon Feb 21 20:11:40 GMT 2005

Julian Field <MailScanner at ECS.SOTON.AC.UK> wrote:
> Remco Barendse wrote:
>> I keep finding directories for .spamassassin/ .pyzor/ .razor/ in the root
>> of my filesystem.
>> When I delete them, they keep coming back. Shouldn't they be in the
>> homedir of the root user?
> Yes, but where is the home dir of the root user, according to /etc/passwd?

I just noticed this question ...

On RedHat/Fedora systems, root's home directory is set (in /etc/passwd)
to /root.

HOWEVER, in quite a few versions of RH/Fedora (and maybe other distros)
you can wind up with different results depending on how the cron job
was run.  See the following comments from a script of mine that
needs to know about root's home directory:

# Grrrr.  Using Vixie-cron on RH 7.1 (and possibly others; don't know), if the
# file is run from /etc/cron.{hourly,daily,weekly,monthly} then root's
# home directory is set to / instead of /root.  Note that a *regular* crontab
# entry still uses /root.
# It gets better.  If anacron is running this script (because the machine
# was shut down when the script *would* have been run last), then
# neither USER nor LOGNAME is set.

        Devin Reade             <gdr at gno.org>

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