You visit illegal websites

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Mon Feb 21 13:08:22 GMT 2005


>> Good spot Mike, just have to wait for the wheels of McAfee to turn. Be
>> interesting to how long they will take.

> Just got the McAfee update (4431) @ 13:49 CET, so that's 2 hours
> /after/ ClamAV. McAfee calls this W32/Sober.l at MM!zip.
> The virus scanners are updated every 15 minutes, so the interval
> between ClamAV and McAfee could be a little different than 2 hours.

And F-Prot picked it up 3 hours before clam did:

6303    (first @ 09:05:52, last = 13:42:05)     W32/Sober.M at mm
158     (first @ 12:01:06, last = 13:42:05)     Worm.Sober.K

Times also CET.


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