Getting Email List from Windows Domain

Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Mon Feb 21 09:55:22 GMT 2005

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Pete Russell said:
>> I have been converting the FAQ to wikki this evening and didn't have
>> your
>> surname to credit. If you don't mind, I'll add it (Looks better than
>> just
>> Pete?!)
> You can add my surname if you wish "Pete Russell"

Will do, thanks.
>>>May i suggest that unless you add some comments to your code that it may
>>>not be all that useful to others.
>>>Is your for creating the access list for us in postfix? I create
>>>recipient lists for postfix - do you know whether one has more benifits
>>>than the other?
>> My understanding was that an access list is to block client's access
>> (E.g.
>> incoming mail servers) and the recipient list is a list of acceptable or
>> known users.
> I use access list to block individual users too - i think access list
> stop the connect at helo and recipients stop it at MailTo  part of the
> smtp connection?

Yes, this is true. Sorry I explained my self badly. A client can be a
server or user. I would look to use it as one of the lines in
'smtpd_client_restrictions' rather than 'smtpd_helo_restrictions' as the
client and it's helo (ehlo) may not be the same. Postfix will look to
reject all mail at RCPT TO stage as some (Broken) MTAs don't understand
550 earlier in the SMTP conversation (You can control this with
'smtpd_delay_reject' although I would suggest leaving it) so which ever
part of does the rejecting, it all happens at the same time.

More details can be found here and
serch for smtpd.


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