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Roger Jochem wrote:
| Hello!
| Some accounts in my server are used outside the company, via
notebooks. Because of some reason, all the messages send by these users
outside the company are marked as spam.
| The solution I used for that is to put these e-mail accounts in a spam
whitelist. But now, there are a lot of e-mails that forge e-mails, and I
receive lots of e-mails of possible "failed virus" with there e-mails as
senders, and these messages pass the server (becouse they are in a
| I use sendmail autentication... Is there some way I could mark my
e-mails as being "no spam" because they are authenticated?

Sendmail does set a new header for Authenticated users. Simply use that
for a -100 score in a spamassassin rule

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