Best value anti-virus programs

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> Is this for commercial, non-profit, personal, or educational 
> institution
> use?  I believe the licenses and pricing differ depending on which
> category you fall into.

Good point. I would fall into the commercial category.

> Increasingly, the AV vendors seem to be writing their 
> licenses such that
> you have to buy their (expensive) mail scanning version and figure out
> how many users you have according to their definition of a user
> (assuming they actually bother to define what a user or mailbox is).
> None of them seem to be interested in selling per-server licenses for
> file-level scanners to commercial MailScanner/Amavis/etc. users.

Yes, I too have had the problem of trying to decide how many user licences I
would need.  I have customers with a single pop account that captures all
mail for their domain.  So, presumably 1 mailbox=1 licence. Of course, the
mail server on their LAN downloads all their mail and distributes it to 50
mailboxes, so they are getting a much more inexpensive solution than the
customer with a dozen users each with their own mailbox on my server, each
of whom will need a licence.  This neglects to mention the customers who
simply use my server as a relay.  Since they have no mailboxes it's
difficult to associate them with a licence, even though their mail gets
scanned on its way to them.

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