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Thu Feb 17 20:23:43 GMT 2005

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Just need someone to implement 30 hour days. Oh, and the genetic removal
of the brain's need for sleep :-)

Phillip T. George wrote:

> I don't blame you :)  You need to get some more developers on your
> team :)
> -Phillip
> Julian Field wrote:
>> I'm not in the mood for rewriting the entire configuration compiler. Bit
>> of a big job...
>> Phillip T. George wrote:
>>> Sounds like we could use some sort of "chain mechnism".  Perhaps,
>>> similar to iptables?  *shrugs*  Just a thought.  It would be pretty
>>> much
>>> changing the system completely.
>>> -Phillip
>>> Julian Field wrote:
>>>> The problem is parsing it all.
>>>> I could insist on double-quotes round the pattern for the header
>>>> value,
>>>> regardless of what type of pattern it is (so regexps would look like
>>>> "/...../") but then I've got to allow the " character in the string.
>>>> Then there's the problem of "and" conditions, so I can't even look for
>>>> the last " in the rule. But it would be better than nothing, and would
>>>> let me get started on it. Maybe I do a half-way-house solution now,
>>>> and
>>>> re-visit it later if people actually need me to. In the mean time, if
>>>> you want to use "and" then you would have to put the header match on
>>>> the
>>>> right-hand side of the "and", so you wouldn't be able to use a rule
>>>> that
>>>> studied 2 different headers.
>>>> But if people don't actually need that functionality, then it's not a
>>>> great problem.
>>>> I think I have to be practical about what to allow users to do,
>>>> doing a
>>>> theoretically perfect solution is going to be very awkward.
>>>> You would still be able to do
>>>> header subject "string" yes
>>>> and
>>>> from user at domain and header subject "string" yes
>>>> but you wouldn't be able to do
>>>> header subject "string" and header list-id "string2" yes
>>>> The "header" keyword is required as otherwise I can't tell the
>>>> difference between checking the envelope sender (with "From") and the
>>>> From: header (with "header From").
>>>> How does that sound?
>>>> Chuck Foster wrote:
>>>>> Marcin wrote:
>>>>> > Is it not enough that people can add a proper rule to spamassasin
>>>>> > and rise/lower scores for matching subjects?
>>>>> > I do it eg. for word 'virus' in subject and that works fine.
>>>>> This would be after the rulesets have been examined of course, ie.
>>>>> the
>>>>> decision has already been made; I guess someone might want to do
>>>>> something like:
>>>>> To:     user at domain and Subject: /v[i1]agra/    delete
>>>>> rather than SpamAssassin simply setting a score for the message.
>>>>> I can see potential applications for this on arbitrary headers, not
>>>>> too sure how useful it would be generally (though of course once it's
>>>>> there ... (hmm,   X-Mailer:   /outlook/       delete     :-))
>>>>> Chuck

Julian Field
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