restarting MailScanner

Mike Kercher mike at CAMAROSS.NET
Thu Feb 17 13:27:53 GMT 2005

Andy Norris wrote:
> Sorry to be daft, but keep restarting when I have been restarting, or
> only when I touch the MailScanner.conf file? Just wondering if it
> caches all the spamassassin rules and whitelist info or not.
> Thanks,
> Andy
> At 02:44 pm 2005-02-16, Mike Kercher wrote:
>> Andy Norris wrote:
>>> Simple question...
>>> When should I restart MailScanner?
>>> 1) After adding rules files
>>> 2) After editing rules files
>>> I've been restarting every time I adjust scores, edit or add a rule,
>>> or edit or add a whitelist entry.
>>> Just want to make sure I'm not overdoing it.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Andy
>> reloading MailScanner will cause it to reread its config files.
>> Restarting should be done when changes are made to the MTA config.
>> Mike

A reload will cause MS to read MailScanner.conf again as well as rulesets,
SA configs, etc.  Restarting will do the same thing, but it also restarts
your postfix/sendmail which may or may not be necessary.


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