MailScanner 4.38.10 leaving email in queue with snapshot of postfix (hash_queue_names)

Phillip Porch ppporch at THEPORCH.COM
Sun Feb 13 21:12:53 GMT 2005

I found the problem with MailScanner 4.38.10 and the current snapshot of
postfix (02122005). The problem was the older version I was using was
hashing several directories where the new snapshot only hashed deferred and
defer. By adding the following line to the postfix file, things
started working again.

hash_queue_names = incoming, active, deferred, bounce, defer, flush, hold,

MailScanner was putting out the following message until it was fixed.

Messages found but no hashed queue directories. Please enable hashed queues
for incoming and deferred with a depth of 1 or 2. See the Postfix
documentation for hash_queue_names and hash_queue_depth

Phillip Porch

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