URGENT Zlib related problem

Thu Feb 10 23:38:37 GMT 2005

Dear All,

Hopefully someone has a fast answer to this one.

I am running MailScanner 4.37.7-1 and  clamav 0.80 - I was trying to
update to clamav 0.82 and I got a warning about needing zlib 1.2.2 - I
installed this but got another error about not finding zlib or zlib-devel
when configuring the clamav source.

I then tried to build the new zlib from source and then clamav configured
properly, however, it would not make - I got an error about the wrong

After various attempts at reverting to the prior zlib 1.2.1 which failed I
now have a  down system that is not processing email, even when clamav is
disabled altogether.

If anyone has any idea how to deal with this quickly other than rebuilding
from scratch, I would be extremely interested.


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