MCP Doco and questions

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> Hi, we are about to implement 3 mailscanner machines.
> We are newly merged company with Notes and Exchange. We have multiple
> campuses in multiple states.
> We currently have MS recieving mail for 2 domains at one site and it
> works perfectly.
> We have a requirement to have 2 inbound machines on 2 different physical
> network for redundancy. We also have a need to filter outbound mail.
> I have never used MCP and cant find much doco.
> IS it better to run MCP on our primary inbound machine, or should we run
> a seperate machine to handle all outbound content filtering?
> We are educational facility and want to amek sure that our students
> cannot send ANY bulk emails (nothing will more than say 15 addresses),
> no virus and no products of virus. This outbound machine will be the
> sole relay for all company wide outbound traffic.
> Is MCP the best solution for this?

No. MCP stand for 'Message Content Protection'. It's essentially another
instance of SpamAssassin that can search messages for sensitive key words.

What you might want to do is to funnel all outgoing email throught gateways
where the messages are checked for viruses and a "rate throttling" controls
is implemented.

The type of "rate throttling" you use used really depends on the MTA you use
and how comfortable you are implementing different technologies.


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