Releasing quarantined messages with exim

Kirk Lowery klowery at WHI.WTS.EDU
Wed Feb 9 20:14:07 GMT 2005

Dhawal Doshy <dhawal <at> NETMAGICSOLUTIONS.COM> writes:

> Though I don't use exim, I would suggest looking at sendmail2 config in
> MailScanner.conf
> m%20Settings
>  - dhawal
> Kirk Lowery writes:
> > How does one use exim to release a quarantined message?
> > The -M or -Mt options don't do it. I've looked through
> > the Mailscanner docs and faqs, but no help there.

Thanks for your response. But this url is not what I'm looking for. Let me

When MailScanner decides something is a virus or spam, it places it in the
/var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine directory. Of course, there are going to be
"false positives", that is, messages placed there because MailScanner thought it
was infected or spam. But when I, as the administrator, decide that a message
should be delivered anyway, how do I do that, using exim?


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