I don't fully understand how to change the way MailScanner handles spam. How can I change MailSc

Denis Beauchemin Denis.Beauchemin at USHERBROOKE.CA
Tue Feb 8 19:19:30 GMT 2005

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David Curtis wrote:

>Here is what I found in the log. Again I don't see MailScanner doing a spamassassin check on this message.
>Feb  7 17:34:20 spamfilter postfix/smtpd[32477]: connect from alias-2.c10-ave-mta3.cnet.com[]
>Feb  7 17:34:20 spamfilter postfix/smtpd[32477]: 5538716F5CD: client=alias-2.c10-ave-mta3.cnet.com[]
>Feb  7 17:34:21 spamfilter postfix/cleanup[32039]: 5538716F5CD: hold: header Received: from alias-2.c10-ave-mta3.cnet.com (alias-2.
>Feb  7 17:34:21 spamfilter postfix/cleanup[32039]: 5538716F5CD: message-id=<13092019.1107815659270.JavaMail.accucast at> 
>Feb  7 17:34:22 spamfilter MailScanner[28181]: New Batch: Scanning 1 messages, 5541 bytes 
>Feb  7 17:34:22 spamfilter MailScanner[28181]: MCP Checks: Starting 
>Feb  7 17:34:22 spamfilter MailScanner[28181]: MCP Checks completed at 5541 bytes per second
>Feb  7 17:34:22 spamfilter MailScanner[28181]: Spam Checks: Starting 
>Feb  7 17:34:26 spamfilter postfix/smtpd[32477]: disconnect from alias-2.c10-ave-mta3.cnet.com[]
>Feb  7 17:34:40 spamfilter MailScanner[28181]: Message 5538716F5CD.EF267 from (cnet_networks_#3.140018.34363630353131.
>Feb  7 17:34:40 spamfilter MailScanner[28181]: Spam Checks: Found 1 spam messages 
>Feb  7 17:34:40 spamfilter MailScanner[28181]: Spam Actions: message 5538716F5CD.EF267 actions are forward,spam at test.com 
Looks like MS decided it was SPAM and forwarded the message to 
spam at test.com...

Now, could you answer the following questions:

>>What are your values for:
>>Spam Actions =
>>High Scoring Spam Actions =
>>Non Spam Actions =
And could you modify your MS config this way?

>>How about adding some verbosity to your MS setup?
>>Detailed Spam Report = yes
>>Include Scores In SpamAssassin Report = yes
>>Always Include SpamAssassin Report = yes
>>Log Spam = yes
>>Log Non Spam = yes  (beware it can produce a lot a output)

You could also run MS in debug mode (look for Debug = near the end of 
MailScanner.conf) to get a trace of what's going on.


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