Blank Email Messages

Greg Deputy greg at BLASTZONE.COM
Tue Feb 8 16:47:14 GMT 2005

This appears to be the same issue I reported on yesterday

> For example, I received a message the was blank except for
> the last line of the sender's signature.  When doing a View
> Source on the message, I could see that the HTML version of
> the message had been reduced to only include what I could see
> on screen.  However, the plain text version of the message
> was completely intact as the sender had written it.
> Similarly, my text-based mail client received a copy of this
> message which contained the entire message body as expected.
> The mail server logs showed the following entry when the
> message passed through:
> Feb  6 05:27:26 mail MailScanner[26382]: Content Checks:
> Detected and will disarm HTML message in j16ARH09027988

Just dug through the logs on one of the reported blank emails from a
customer, found the same thing:

Feb  5 11:35:08 mx MailScanner[28376]: Content Checks: Detected and will
disarm HTML message in 3FB3416F679

> Here's a quick summary of our environment:
> OS: Fedora Core 3
> Kernel: 2.6.9-1.681_FC3
> MailScanner: 4.36.4-1
> Sendmail: 8.13.1-2
> SpamAssassin: 3.0.1-0.FC3

I'm running similar, FC 2, postfix 2.1.5 instead of sendmail, etc

> These are the only MailScanner.conf entries I could find
> mentioning "disarm":

Hmm, I might try turning off some of those settings to see if it
eliminates the problem.  Hopefully Julian will have some input once he's
back online.

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