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Raylund Lai raylund.lai at KANKANWOO.COM
Mon Feb 7 21:13:41 GMT 2005

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I've the regretting experience yesterday too. :(

I've to pkg_deinstall -r perl and re-install all ports starting from perl
again. But after I rescue the server, I read/found the information on
/usr/ports/UPDATING with the following:

  AFFECTS: users of lang/perl5 and lang/perl5.8
  AUTHOR: tobez at

  lang/perl5 has been updated to 5.6.2, and lang/perl5.8 has been
  updated to 5.8.6. you should update everything depending on perl, that

    * first, upgrade your perl installation (use either lang/perl5 or
      lang/perl5.8, the latter being recommended);
    * for FreeBSD 4.X, run "use.perl port", so that the system knows you
      have 5.8.6 or 5.6.2;  this step is not needed on FreeBSD 5.X and
      FreeBSD -CURRENT;
    * run some magic incantations to upgrade all ports depending on perl,
      that is run something like :
      portupgrade -f `(pkg_info -R perl-5\* |tail +4; \
        find /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.[68].[1245] -type f -print0 \
        | xargs -0 pkg_which -fv | sed -e '/: ?/d' -e 's/.*: //')|sort -u`
      This is likely to fail for a few ports, you'll have to upgrade them
      afterwards by hand.

I hope this will help you.

(p.s. sorry I sent to your mailbox before, I should send it to the list.
Anyway, someone on the list may help you more.)


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> Hello,
>    Yah, as a matter of fact i did recently udate prl and i'm regretting
> it.
> I don't suppose you have a fast way of doing this, i used the command in
> the
> UPDATING file and that's when this started.
> Thanks.
> Dave.

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