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Dave Duffner - NWCWEB.com webalizer at NWCWEB.COM
Mon Feb 7 19:53:33 GMT 2005


        Been following the AWL threads hoping there
might be a clue for my problem, using MS 2.6.XX w/Ensim Pro
so upgrading to 3.XX isn't an easy option as any Ensim
upgrades will trash most of it:

        Randomly, without any plausible explanations we
can find, I'll get e-mail tagged as SpamAssassin high
scoring because of an AWL of like 80-90 range.  We
use a lower-scoring system than most, so any adjustment
like this is way over the top.

        Strange part is that it's a positive adjustment
of like 89 or 91?  Not a negative?

        Still have no complete grip on the AWL and where
it thinks it's getting it's information from.  We have
both the SA & MS packages running, we do have things
whitelisted, but we're talking a random adjustment with
no patterns.  Sometimes not even on a valid whitelisted
account (I think one time that way).

        Any clues on what to look for or adjust to change
why that would be happening?


     David J. Duffner
     VP Operations

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