Intermittent Blank Emails

Greg Deputy greg at BLASTZONE.COM
Sun Feb 6 20:01:56 GMT 2005

For the last few months I've been seeing intermittent messages that are
blank.  Various senders, but the messages are usually HTML, and when I
ask the sender to resend, the message comes across.  I'm now starting to
have other users report the same issue.

When I check the logs I don't see anything out of the ordinary about the
blank message.

I saw a post on this in the archives back in Nov of 03, but no replies.

Has anyone else seen this, or have any ideas what is going on?

I just upgraded to MailScanner 4.38.10 today, have been running 4.35.9
previously.  Other details: Fedora Core 2, Postfix 2.1.5, ClamAV0.81.
Scanning about 15-20k messages a day.


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