Slightly OT: virtual hosting

Felix Schwarz Felix.Schwarz at WEB.DE
Fri Feb 4 22:10:28 GMT 2005

Hi Jason,

Jason Balicki wrote:
> If you're running a virtual hosting solution, what are you using?
> Are you happy with it? If not what would you change? Is there
> anything I've missed that I should be considering?

I'm using XAMS ( XAMS is only about email administration
(no webhosting, ftp etc). It uses MySQL, Exim and Courier.

+ Nice usernames (email address) allthough unique usernames (e.g.
"web96p1") are supported too.
+ web interface with multiple languages for customers available
+ "site" concept ( and may belong to the same
site so info at and info at are the same)
+ MailScanner may be used
+ Exim (my favorite mail server ;-)
+ May use Dovecot for POP3/Imap and get rid of the custom Courier
Auth-Daemon (allthough you are loosing  the Quota support)

+ web interface too overloaded, not really what usability is all about
+ very slow development because the main author doesn't have the time
any more (but still good support on the list and XAMS just works)
+ web interface uses PHP
+ MailScanner not really integrated (you have to write the MailScanner
rules by hand)

Regarding the cons: I will probably get a contract that will involve a
XAMS setup. I hope they will pay me enough so that I can rewrite the
web interface in Python with a more modular structure and a really
nice looking interface :-)


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