QuarantineReport Query command line works web interface doesn't

Carinus Carelse carinus.carelse at MRC.AC.ZA
Fri Feb 4 16:15:57 GMT 2005

I can copy the command line out of the quarnatine release file and it
will send with now
problem. just not via the browser interface.  I wonder if i have'nt
forgotten something in
my php install.


Carinus Carelse wrote:

> Ok I have got it to copy the original message and the rights are ok
but i still get the
> Error
> Releasing email message 1CwbkG-0002j7-KK to user at domain.com
> 1CwbkG-0002j7-KK, user at domain.com, or 20050202 is not legitimate
> Well i guess that's that unless someone has another suggestion.
> Carinus

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