Mail unscanned when sent to multiple users

Mark Waterhouse - Mailing Lists mailscanner at DFK-SYSTEMS.COM
Fri Feb 4 11:24:26 GMT 2005

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I have MailScanner setup to scan multiple domains on one box and then feed
the resulting email to their destination server.
I also have MailScanner to selectively scan messages sent to domain users.

I have spam/virus checking based upon a ruleset....domain.filter.rules

I have set my rules up as

FromOrTo:    *    no
FromOrTo:    *    yes
FromOrTo:    user at    no
FromOrTo:    default    yes

If a mail is sent to user at, it isnt scanned.....desired
If a mail is sent to user2 at, it is scanned....also desired
behaviour (because of the default line)

However, if a message is sent to user at AND user2 at,
neither message is scanned.

If I alter the rule to include a YES statement for user2 at, it
works as desired.

I know the default rule is working as messages sent only to
user2 at are scanned.

Can anyone offer a reason for this and has anyone else seen this behaviour.

Mark Waterhouse
DFK Systems Limited

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