SURBL / URIBL not triggered in SA

Martin Hepworth martinh at SOLID-STATE-LOGIC.COM
Thu Feb 3 17:54:17 GMT 2005


to emulate MS's call of SA

spamassassin -p <path-to>/spam.assassin.prefs.conf

where path-to is usually /opt/MailScanner/etc or /etc/MailScanner

If you want to find out a particular mesg is run then edit
MailScanner.conf, change both Debug options to yes, stop MS, and then
run checkmailscanner. It will run a single batch through with all the
debug info, so make sure an good test mesg is included in the inbound queue.

Martin Hepworth
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Philip Hachey wrote:
> Great!.. that worked, thanks.  A manual execution of spamassassin now
> trips URIBL_SC_SURBL for that test message.  Unfortunately, however, when
> I send another test message containing the same URL from my yahoo account
> through MailScanner, it's still not being triggered.  I just get this:
> "not spam, SpamAssassin (score=-1.647, required 3, autolearn=not spam, AWL
> 0.95, BAYES_00 -2.60)"
> The URIBL rules never appear in my spam log either for any incoming
> message.  (though both the SpamAssassin and the MailScanner standard RBL
> checks appear everywhere).
> Anyway, that's narrowed it down somewhat.  It would seem that it has
> something to do with the way MailScanner calls SpamAssassin -- different
> option or using config files that I don't expect.
> Matt Kettler <mkettler at EVI-INC.COM>
> Sent by: MailScanner mailing list <MAILSCANNER at JISCMAIL.AC.UK>
> 2005-02-03 12:10
> Please respond to MailScanner mailing list
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>         Subject:        Re: SURBL / URIBL not triggered in SA
> At 11:41 AM 2/3/2005, Philip Hachey wrote:
>> debug from a message containing the URL that should be
>>blocked.  Please note that the line "debug: URIDNSBL: domains to query:"
>>contains no domains so it's as though the plugin's parsing isn't working.
> It is probably not working because your test message technically has no
> body. The headers end with a blank line and you don't have one.
> Try adding the required blank line after the last header and before the
> body text.


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