false positives from spamcop.net?

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Thu Feb 3 16:20:12 GMT 2005

At 11:09 AM 2/3/2005, you wrote:

>I find it better to do the RBL's in SA, so if they break/stop etc you
>don't end up with a massive blacklist, merely added weight to the SA score.


>Jeff A. Earickson wrote:
>>I've had a rash of spamcop blocks from sites deemed too critical
>>for sendmail DNSBL blockage (eg Maine State Government, Yahoo lists,
>>a local ISP) so I had to demote spamcop from a sendmail DNSBL down
>>to the "Spam List =" line in MailScanner.  I replaced spamcop in my
>>DNSBL with sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org, no complaints so far.


>>At 09:10 AM 2/3/2005, Tom Combs wrote:
>>>>Have there been any reports of problems with the spamcop.net RBL
>>>>returning false positives on Feb 2? I had some email sent from
>>>>mail.magnet.fsu.edu to an internal magnet.fsu.edu address that got
>>>>tagged as spam by spamcop. I checked their website and we are not
>>>>listed in their database.
>>>Any chance you got reported to spamcop and wound up listed by them for a
>>>short period of time?
>>>Given the latest trend in spam, zombies that use the proper relay, it's
>>>going to be common for spamcop to wind up with short-lived listings
>>>for the
>>>legitimate mailservers of ISPs. At least, until the spamcop guys clean
>>>things up in their reporting engine, which they may have already done.
Yep and Yup! I quit on SpamCop due to too many false positives of important
mail, but it was still being delivered due to SpamAssassin scoring rather
than RBL in MailScanner. It will cost you in processor cycles by a bit, though.

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