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Joe Smith joey at JOESMITH.NET
Wed Feb 2 14:37:12 GMT 2005

On Wed, 2 Feb 2005, Quentin Campbell wrote:

> It is good system and security practice to maintain separation of
> function.
> Mail gateways/relays should not also be mailbox servers. These are
> separate functions often run by different parts of an organisation.

I tend to agree with that senario and have mostly followed that
conguration in my mid to high volume servers.  I also keep the DNS
seperated and network diverse.  I also do things like install multiple
nics to allow "backhauling" the processed mail to the POP/IMAP machine(s)
via a private dedicated lan and not sending it back out the world
interface it came in on.

I do have a few installations where the seperation of function would be
like having 2 engines in a car, one to run the front wheels and one to run
the back.

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