MailWatch Query

Carinus Carelse carinus.carelse at MRC.AC.ZA
Wed Feb 2 04:49:52 GMT 2005

No what seems to be happening is that I have two copies as of MailScanner
running on the same box one scanning the internal queue and one scanning the
external queue.  I have set them both up to log to different mysql databases
this was working very well but as soon as i take the MailScanner to the new
version it seems to log everything to just the one database even though it
has two different names and two different id's used for accessingit.  I
suspect that what is happening is that the MailScanners are doing is that
they are coming up and the first one connects to the database and then the
second MailScanner comes up and it's info is forced through the first
connection as opposed to connecting to it's own database and logging there.


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