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Garry Glendown garry at GLENDOWN.DE
Tue Feb 1 20:34:03 GMT 2005

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Joe Smith wrote:
> On Tue, 1 Feb 2005, Stephen Swaney wrote:
>>With this configuration it's lose a gateway at 1:00 AM - fix it the next
>>morning because email will still be delivered.
> What about when the gateway that goes down also handles the POP3 accounts?
> I know about the only way to provide a secondary lookup for a POP3 server
> is via DNS somehow,  and this could have way too much lag time.
> I was thinking about this then I thought about having users setup 2
> identical accounts in LookOut Express, except they go to different servers
> on different networks.
> So if mail ends up on MX1 it stays there for pickup, and if it ends up on
> MX2 it stays there for pickup.    If MX1 or MX2 goes down then users will
> still get their mail,  they will just get a warning messages about which
> host is down.      A little user training would have to be done.
> Any thoughts or chinks in my armor or does someone have a better plan?

The only way to fix this would be do set up some kind of cluster that
uses a central storage e.g. with Cyrus Imap and then a failover between
the two machines (or a load balancer in front of it). We tried several
approaches for our company and ended up getting a SAN set up for all
high availability applications like POP or Webservers ... (please note:
MS will NOT need this, as a simple round-robin will do nicely ...)


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