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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at CI.JUNEAU.AK.US
Tue Feb 1 18:31:32 GMT 2005

Billy Pumphrey wrote:
> I don't know where to get better help, so I am hoping that someone
> can shoot an answer to these problems.  I got digging and it looks
> like I do not have the best setup.
> Here is my basic setup:
> Mailscanner is the gateway between the internet and my MS Exchange
> server. MailScanner running RulesDeJour, SpamAssassin, and Sophos.
> Linux release 9, Kernel 2.4.20-8.
> Spamassassin version 2.61
> MailScanner version 4.25-14
> http://www.dnsreport.com/tools/dnsreport.ch?domain=woodmaclaw.com
> I believe that these errors are coming from my mailscanner machine
> name mailscanner.woodmaclaw.local.  I do not know how to configure
> sendmail to accept the postmaster address for example.  All of those
> warnings and errors in that report I would guess would be a good idea
> to get fixed?
> What started me on this and what I really need to get fixed is there
> is a domain that is having problems with emails getting to my
> mailserver.
> From houseinvestments.com.  Error like this are coming = 550 5.7.1 we
> do not relay.
> I havce searched and searched on this error and tried to see what the
> problem is on the exchange server.  I cannot find what the problem is.
> Any help on getting these errors taken care of is greatly appreciated.

I'm not a sendmail guru by any stretch.  Probably even more clueless than
most <g>, but I'll chime in anyway.  Keeps me humble.

What do you have in your alias file in /etc/sendmail?  I have a line that

  postmaster:   root

(use a tab ot separate the above entries)

My MailScanner box is just a gateway so I also added a .forward file in
/root which contains the address to forward to on our internal mail server.

It may be as simple as changing the name of the server to .com instead of
.local though.  If that's not in the cards, then I'd look at using
mailertable to define what hosts you forward mail to.  Without knowing your
network layout, I'd offer this:  The internet facing machine should be named
mail.woodmaclaw.com, and if it just accepts and forwards mail to an internal
host it should have entries in the relay-domain file for what domains it
will accept for and in the mailertable for where to send them.  At least
that's how I'm set up and it works for me.  Hope this helps...

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