Handling quarentine via web

Fri Dec 30 01:29:23 GMT 2005

Yossi Mor wrote:

> Hello forum,
> Is there an option to setup MS to support quarentine release from web? Or 
> send url link in its reports?
> Regards,
> Yossi Mor

You need to quarantine the whole message as queue files (see 
mailscanner.conf), then dump the queue files back into the outgoing 
queue when the user clicks a link (sendmail).

A perl cgi script can do it pretty easily. The link you put into the 
report should contain the message id and other relevant info you need to 
locate the quarantined queue files. Depending on how you run your 
webserver, you may find suexec and sudo helpful to do the actual file 
moving securely.


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