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Peter Peters P.G.M.Peters at UTWENTE.NL
Fri Dec 23 08:26:21 GMT 2005

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Res wrote on 19-12-2005 21:58:

>> The 50k messages are blocking new mails.
>> Get the bulk away, so new messages are processed, and then examine the
>> 50k to remove the dud ones.
> if he wants to rmeove the bulk he must know what to look for now? seems
> like you  ppl are suggesting to tim to do more work then is neccessary,
> I do this regulary clearing out spammers trash, almost every 3 days, and
> im talking a damn sight more than 50K emails in the queue, also I
> suggest he changes his sendmail config..

I clean out messages from the queue every night. Every message from
mailer-daemon and tried more than a number of times are moved to a
seperate queue. Onze a day I do a queuerun in that queue. I used to have
thousands of messages in the queue. Today the queue is only a few
hundred in size.

But occasionally I get several thousand message in the incoming queue.
That is the main problem. This stops processing all mail. I check what
unique identifier is in the file and move all those message away.

And I stop incoming mail for a few minutes. My other servers will just
accept the normal flow untill I get to them.

> define(`confQUEUE_SORT_ORDER', `time')dnl

This will slow down the dellivery of e-mail. When you sort on host
sendmail can keep using a connection to a host. If the sort order is any
different those connections disappear from the connectionlist and have
to be re-established (almost) each time.

> that should solve his immediate problem, its not a default option, and
> if not already he should also add in:
> define(`confSEPARATE_PROC',`True')dnl

Will this not drive the number of processes through the roof?

> define(`confDOUBLE_BOUNCE_ADDRESS',`')dnl

I use nobody and alias that to the appropriate address (currently
/dev/null) without the need of rebuilding the configuration an
restarting sendmail.

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