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Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Thu Dec 22 04:09:50 GMT 2005

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Glenn Steen wrote:
> On 22/12/05, Jeff Mills <Jeff.Mills at> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> we're in the process of changing domain names due to the company being sold.
>> We would like to have an auto response sent to users who send mail to our old domain informing them of the change.
>> I am running MailScanner version 4.45.4 and postfix, sending to an Exchange 2003 server.
>> Does anyone know if this is possible at the MailScanner gateway, or in Exchange?
>> Cheers,
>> Jeff
> It should be possible to do at all three stages (PF, MS, and
> barfbag... eh Exchange). One "spiffy" thing you can do is to make a
> header check (in PF) that'd reject the messages with a nice
> "user at addr.ess has moved to user at newad.ress"... That way you'd need
> spend less effort/resources.
> Downside is that the sender would receive an NDN with the nice reject
> code/message "semi-hidden" in the usual gunk. You could probably test
> this fairly easy by just rejecting one user (that you control) and try
> sending to it from an external account... That way you'd get a good
> feel for what'd look like. Shouldn't involve any downtime at all:-).
> Another bad thing is that the NDN would be formatted according to how
> the sending MTA does that kind of things. I think the term is "hidden
> in technological gibberish":-).
> ISTR Jules recently added some feature that could be used for this...
> Not at a MS machine ATM though, so can't check.

I think you are talking about the "Reject Message" setting.  However, 
messages get deleted as well with this setting.

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