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Mike Wagner mike at
Tue Dec 20 15:25:39 GMT 2005

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Thanks all for your input on this.  I got MailScanner up and running 
successfully.  The only other question I have is this:

Our main ISP (our SMTP Gateway) already filters mail for viruses (using 
Sophos) and spam using MailMarshal.  All I really wanted to do with 
MailScanner is to be able to add the signature at the end of all 
outgoing messages.  Mainly a confidentiality notice.  When I go through 
the MailScanner conf file, I turn off all the filtering and scanning, 
and I turn on sign clean messages...  The messages don't get signed. 
So, I turn on the first rule that says scan messages, and then I turn 
off Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam scanning, and it still doesn't add the 
signature at the end.  Is there any way to do this without using AV and 
AntiSpam filtering??



Mike Wagner
Western Ohio Computer Org.
Technology Administrator
mike at


Ugo Bellavance wrote:
> Mike Wagner wrote:
>> I'm looking at adding MailScanner to our existing environment.  We have a
>> RH9 server, with Sendmail.  I've configured Sendmail to use 
>> authentication.
>>  I've also configured many aliases, and rely heavily on these types of
>> features of sendmail.
>> If I install MailScanner, will I lose those functionalities of 
>> Sendmail?? Will everything I've configured still work, including 
>> authentication?
>> Any help is greatly appreciated.
>> -Mike Wagner
> If there is nothing on this server already, I'd probably upgrade to 
> CentOS 3 of 4 before installing MailScanner, to make sure you'll always 
> have security updates.
> Regards,

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