Beta 4.49.3 released

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Mon Dec 19 18:50:22 GMT 2005


>>     Hopefully the problems with the speedup code and sendmail are now
>>     fixed.
>>     It is only implemented for sendmail, getting any similar effect with
>>     Postfix is going to be very awkward.

>> Could you tell us in just a few words what the change is and why it works 
>> in Sendmail but not in Postfix? We're all techs on the list so I'm probably 
>> not the only one who's curious.  :-)

> It's to do with using an in-core temp-file rather than a forked pipe for 
> reading in the message when you explode out all the attachments. It will 
> probably be easier to implement for Exim but the Postfix message structure is 
> very different, externally and internally, which will make it a very 
> interesting exercise... Take a look for "sendmail" in and you will 
> find a big "if" statement, take a look at the code in there.
> Well you asked! :-)

Testing the sendmail ones right now, seem to work ... Cant tell yet how 
much faster but the box looks more responsive. Also nice to see the 
process list telling whats goign on ;)

Would love to see the same (speedup) with Exim... Could you give that a 
try also?


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