Notify recipient of blocked filetypes

Gray, Richard richard.gray at DNS.CO.UK
Mon Dec 19 15:27:05 GMT 2005

I realise the question I am about to ask has been asked a number of
times before, but for some reason, I can't actually find the answer. I
want to apologise in advance if it is my own inability to read that is
the root of the problem.

Basically, the goal is to notify users within a given domain any time
they have a message that gets stopped as a blocked file type.

Outbound I can see this is easy to do with a ruleset applied to

"Notify Senders Of Blocked Filenames Or Filetypes = <ruleset>"

Where the ruleset says (pseudocode)

From: yes
Default: no				

Where do I look to achieve a similar function with messages coming
inbound to I don't want the 'cleaned' message to be
delivered, only an email notification that a message is now being held
in quarantine.

Any pointers on this would be greatly appreciated. 



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