Beta 4.49.2 released --- faster?

Julian Field MailScanner at
Sat Dec 17 19:21:45 GMT 2005

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I have just released beta version 4.49.2.

Download as usual from

In this version the main target is speed. If things work as intended, 
there should be major speed improvements for sendmail and Postfix 
systems (sendmail in particular).

Please do try this and let me know if you think it is running faster 
than previous versions, data supplied to me indicates it should be 
fairly dramatic and noticeable.

I have also implemented 4 new configuration options for the benefit of 
web-based administration interfaces for MailScanner, simplifying the 
whole filename and filetype rules system for them. This will make it 
dramatically easier to change the filenames allowed and denied for 
different people, without having to get into multiple 
filename.rules.conf files and all that jazz. They are "Allow Filenames", 
"Deny Filenames", "Allow Filetypes" and "Deny Filetypes". They work like 
normal configuration options, and their value is a list of patterns to 
match. Read the MailScanner.conf for a more detailed explanation and 

Lastly, I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Merry 
New Year. I hope you all get the chance to have a break for a day or 
two, and let us look forward to having a virus-free and mostly spam-free 
2006 on our mail systems!


The full Change Log is this:

* New Features and Improvements *
- Now changes the command line listed in `ps` (ie $0) to show what
  MailScanner is doing. Should help diagnose slow system problems.
- Speed improvements for sendmail and Postfix systems by changing the
  way temporary files are handled and how attachments are parsed. This
  should be really noticeable if I've got it right.
  Thanks for the great help of the guys who know who they are.
- 4 new configuration options, which list patterns against which filenames
  and filetypes are matched to see if we should allow them or block them.
  This is implemented for the benefit of web-based configuration systems for
  MailScanner, it is not really intended for human use as it will complicate
  the filename/filetype matching unless you understand it. Read the comments
  in the MailScanner.conf and suggest better explanations!
  "Allow Filenames", "Deny Filenames", "Allow Filetypes", "Deny Filetypes".
  Note: There are 2 new entries in languages.conf so remember to
        run an upgrade_languages_conf.

* Fixes *
- Changed Postfix code to better support latest revision of Perl.

Julian Field
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