Problem with ALL_TRUSTED since 4.48

Philip Hachey phachey at CITY.CORNWALL.ON.CA
Fri Dec 16 15:51:22 GMT 2005

>> But I still get ALL_TRUSTED cropping up with a score of -1.80.
>At that point, I'd resort to running spamassassin --lint and make sure SA is
>actually able to make sense of your config files.
>If that doesn't help, try adding -D and see what "site rules dir" SA is using
>and make sure it's /etc/mail/spamassassassin.

I've tried these and not only do I not get any errors and the above
directory is being used, but the Bayes SQL preferences which are entered in
spam.assassin.prefs.conf are used, so I know that file is being read.  I
can't really figure why this would start after upgrading MS.

At the same time as upgrading MS, I also upgraded the perl modules
HTML::Parser to 3.48 and HTML::Tagset to 3.10, but I doubt that would have
any effect on ALL_TRUSTED.

If nobody else is having this problem, then I'm really baffled by this one.

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