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David Lee t.d.lee at DURHAM.AC.UK
Thu Dec 15 15:43:18 GMT 2005

On Thu, 15 Dec 2005, Julian Field wrote:

> On 15 Dec 2005, at 14:54, Peter Peters wrote:
> > * PGP Signed by an unverified key: 12/15/05 at 14:54:54
> >
> > I am working on installing a new set of mailservers. Only
> > connections in
> > and out on port 25 will be allowed. So no possibility to get firus
> > signatures except via the proxy. Now I need to add the proxy
> > configuration to all autoupdate scripts.
> >
> > Can this be a configuration in MailScanner.conf?
> How should I do this?
> > So MS can download the phishing whitelist via the proxy too.
> The script that downloads the phishing whitelist (and merges in all
> your changes) is very simple. Take a look at it and you'll see how to
> modify it to use a proxy. Feel free to post a modified version
> including proxy support.

Julian: A couple of months ago you and I chatted about the possibility of
using an RBL-like mechanism for dynamic lookup of the whitelist. I still
have the test domain running for this (with data as of around October
10th) at:

(This would allow (a) fast updates (b) better access from email machines
behind firewalls not now needing outbound www/ftp access.)

Are you still interested in pursuing this?


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