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Wed Dec 14 16:18:29 GMT 2005

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On 12/14/05, Sam <liste-mailscanner at> wrote:
      I've tried to custom this scores beacause they gave good
      result for the
      Our office in France only receive french email.
      A few french email have some line with english legal notices
      ... that's all

      For a few weeks with 500/800 messages per days I only got 1
      marked as spam by error.
      more than 90 % of spams are marked as BAYES_99 (that's why I
      did not
      notice the BAYES_95 error before)

It's important that you know what the name of the rule means. The two
digits marks the probability of the mail being spam. That's why BAYES_50
should have a score of 0, because it can't be determined if it's spam or
ham. If you look at the original scores below that is very obvious (the
4th column of scores is the one you should look at).

score BAYES_00 0.0001 0.0001 -2.312 -2.599
score BAYES_05 0.0001 0.0001 -1.110 -1.110
score BAYES_20 0.0001 0.0001 -0.740 -0.740
score BAYES_40 0.0001 0.0001 -0.185 -0.185
score BAYES_50 0.0001 0.0001 0.001 0.001
score BAYES_60 0.0001 0.0001 1.0 1.0
score BAYES_80 0.0001 0.0001 2.0 2.0
score BAYES_95 0.0001 0.0001 3.0 3.0
score BAYES_99 0.0001 0.0001 3.5 3.5

Make sure you use the SURBL-rules, they are by far my best spam catchers.

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