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Wed Dec 14 13:08:20 GMT 2005

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Julian Field wrote on         Wed, 14 Dec 2005 11:48:41 +0000:

> It's a 1.8" (presumably IDE) disk inside. Currently a 40Gb though   
> either 60Gb or 80Gb are now available.

I checked in my usual shops in Germany and the only one I can find is a 60 
GB Toshiba disk at EU 189,-- or 177,--. That's frankly a bit more than I 
wanted to spend. Don't know how it is in UK shops. I'm willing to take up 
half of that if someone else is willing to take up the other half.
Since 60 doesn't boost your space so much I'd wait for a 80 GB drive if 
you can. My offer stands for longer.
On the other side you should also be careful about heat, be it 60 or 80, 
it may add extra heat to your system. Wouldn't it be better for testing on 
various OS's and distributions to have a really fast workstation system 
with ample space, so you can run virtual machines on it instead of a 
laptop which is usally limited in some way?
Or an external drive?


Kai Schätzl, Berlin, Germany
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