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Brian Atkins batkins at TLCDELIVERS.COM
Mon Dec 12 16:58:28 GMT 2005

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I've dug through the archives on this one, but wasn't able to come up with 
anything significant:

I have a user who has been attempting to receive a file (.mrc extension, 
Microsoft Visual Studio) from a party outside our organization. When the file is 
received via email, the file has an extra character (<) embedded part way 
through the code.

Originally, I thought it might be some version mismatch between the two 
developers apps, but when the same file was sent via ftp, it's OK. I ruled out 
the mail client by having a copy sent to me and one of my teammates, but the 
extra character is still there using Thunderbird or Eudora (multiple versions).

I think the issue is in Mailscanner because the same file was sent to an outside 
address and was received in good order. Any ideas on where to start looking? 
Perhaps a conf setting?

We're using Mailscanner 4.43.2-1 on Gentoo Linux ( Kernel), and Sendmail 
  version 8.13.4.



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