Feature Idea: MailScanner process name

Lewis Bergman lbergman at WTXS.NET
Thu Dec 8 19:45:33 GMT 2005

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Jeff A. Earickson wrote:
> I take the contrary point of view -- I log everything for all processes
> (sendmail, MailScanner, popper, etc) into one file.  All facilities
> and loglevels from syslogd.conf point to the same file.  Yes the
> file is gigantic on my mail server (about 100 MB/day, rotated daily),
> but everything is in one place waiting for grep to reveal what I want.  
> What happened to a mail message?  Grep for the msgid and see
> both sendmail and MailScanner actions.  Want to know about a user?
> Grep for userid to see sendmail, MailScanner, and POP actions.  Easy.
> Behold the power of grep.
Yea, I use remote syslogging to do the same thing but from all my 
servers. I log everything to individual files on the server and then all 
logs are sent to the remote syslog. That way, I can track that userid 
across several MX's, into the mailhub, down into his account, and back 
out via dovecot.

I just like to see them broken down on the server so if I am looking for 
trends on a program they are easier to spot. Sometimes grep hides things 
that you asked it to but didn't really mean to.

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